05. 2013

This is the world through the eyes of Marta, a little girl growing up near a big city beside the sea. It is a world of bugs that talk and bath bubbles that whisper, airplanes that wave and monster vacuum cleaners. Most of all, it is a world of questions.

Estonian best selling author Epp Petrone originally crafted this collection of personal stories as a gift for her daughter’s birthday. Each tale springs from everyday life but is full of childlike whimsy.

Complemented by beautiful illustrations by artist Piia Maiste, it has since become a popular favorite for bedtime reads for girls and boys alike.





Text copyright: Epp Petrone and Petrone Print
Illustrations copyright: Piia Maiste and Petrone Print
ISBN: 978-9949-479-76-4
92 pages
Format: 215 x 215 mm softback

  1. With individual “stories” told on each page, this book is delightful for both its cultural fingerprints and universality. The illustrations are gorgeous, and you’ll feel as though you’ve purchased something unique for your young children. I’d recommend this for 5 and up. I bought mine in Tallinn at the recommendation of a local bookseller. I’m very glad I took her advice!

    Jim Winterbourne

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