Anna’s Teeth Epp Petrone


One day, Marta’s parents take her for a walk and tell her the big news: “We are going to have a new baby.” Mommy tells Marta that this baby is as small as her pinkie finger.

But after Anna is born, she doesn’t stay small for long, and this is when the trouble begins. What happens when Anna tries to play with Marta’s favorite doll? Or when Marta tries to teach her little sister how to calculate with candies, but Anna only wants to eat all of them? Or when Anna wants to know how big a whale’s fart is? What is Angel Grandma doing under the ground? Can snails really race against each other?

These two girls’ days of games, fights, and making up are captured here in short stories and funny pictures.

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Text copyright: Epp Petrone and Petrone Print, 2013
Illustrations copyright: Piia Maiste and Petrone Print, 2013
ISBN: 978-9949-511-27-3
92 pages

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