The Adventures of Ronik in Tallinn Anait Piruzyan


One night, when the northern skies are full of stars, a curious doggy named Ronik decides to leave his sleeping family behind and venture outside into the streets of Tallinn’s medieval Old Town. There, he meets a fragile deer, a solitary chimney sweep, a pompous cat, and a cunning guinea pig. Most importantly, he befriends the story’s main character, the magical city of Tallinn.

Anait Piruzyan lives in Moscow. She has worked as a reporter for lifestyle magazines and published a book about her culinary experiences. She travels often with her pet Norwich Terrier Ronik, who has a soft spot for the city of Tallinn. This is the author’s first children’s book.

Written by Anait Piruzyan
Glossary written by Ilona Martson
Illustrations by Priit Rea
Design and layout by Anna Lauk
Translation by Mailis Hudilainen
Language edited by Justin Petrone

© Petrone Print and Anait Piruzyan 2015. All rights reserved.

Printed by Greif OÜ
ISBN: 978-9949-556-13-7
Hard cover, 195x195mm
48 pages