08. 2014

There is more to Estonia than the Old Town of Tallinn. Extreme Estonia – an unconventional guidebook is a must-have for everyone wanting to get to know the real Estonia outside the mainstream.

Extreme Estonia takes us to places where shipping companies and travel agencies usually don’t. Avoid tourist traps and take a peek into some small towns and simple villages with ordinary people living in them. Dig in the past, face nature’s miracles, be amazed by some peculiar phenomena – and why not say hi to a few ghosts on the way, too!

What’s going on in the small town of Kehra? What does Viinistu, the former paradise of bootleggers, look like? What did the Soviet military leave behind in Paldiski? Why is Viivikonna all in ruins or a museum in Tartu tilting? After reading this book you can also locate the three twin cities of Estonia, as well as the tiny town of Loo!

This book won’t give you all the answers. It encourages you to seek and find some of the most original locations in one of Europe’s smallest countries. So don’t hesitate. Ready, steady – go! The extremities of Estonia are waiting to be discovered by you!


Extreme Estonia, first published in Finland, has been a success among its Finnish speaking readers. The author Terhi Pääskylä-Malmström, is a Finnish-Estonian journalist, translator and an incurable estoholic, who sure knows how to put her words. Getting to know Estonia has yet never been this interesting, let alone twisted and fun!

Product details

Copyright: Terhi Pääskylä-Malmström and Petrone Print Inc. 2014
Original title: Extreme Eesti – Virollinen opas erilaiseen etelään
Translator: Triin Pajupuu
Editor: Justin Petrone
All photographs by Terhi Pääskylä-Malmström, unless stated otherwise
Cover design and map: Kirsti Makkar
Layout design: Juhani Juurik / Jumedium Disain
Printed by Greif OÜ
ISBN 978-9949-511-67-9
192 pages

One thought on “Extreme Estonia

  1. Hallo,
    I am very interested in the new book “Extreme Estonia”. I can´t find a place to buy it. Can you help?
    Regards and thank you Gudrun von Dahl

    Gudrun von Dahl
    1. Dear Gudrun,
      You can send us an email at pood@petroneprint.ee to place any book orders or find the link to our online store on the Estonian version of the website.
      Extreme Estonia is also available from well stocked bookstores in Estonia and soon hopefully abroad too.
      Best wishes,

      Mariliis Ruutmaa Post author

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