The gem book.netti

For whom? For everyone – kids and grownups – who love gems/crystals/minerals, and would like to know more about them.

Who wrote? Gem lovers Epp Petrone and Kristi Uudeväli. Epp has studied gemology in India, makes jewelry, and runs the gem shop, Kristi is a jewelry designer, crystal healer, and organizes gem workshops for children.

Who helped? Geologists Tõnu Pani and Jim Sullivan

What will you learn? A lot of interesting stuff, with beautiful pictures. What stone can only be found in one place on our planet? What stone is from outer space? What stone was used to make Michelangelo’s favorite paint? Which one was used to make the world’s first pair of glasses? Etc…





Format:  240x225 mm, 9,4x8,6 inches

Pages: 96


Age: 8+ (for kids and grownups)

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