Epp Petrone I Give You a River

“I give you this morning because I love you …” This lyrical text by Epp Petrone carries a message of gratitude, closeness, and love. The journey in this book takes place during one day, when a parent and child take a boat out on a river. Just as a river flows, the illustrations flow from one page…
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Epp Petrone Cloud after Cloud

“This story is about something that happened to me when I was six years old and staying in the countryside with my grandmother and grandfather. It was the last summer before I had to go to school and one day, while I was sitting in a tree, I witnessed a miracle …” Cloud after Cloud is Epp Petrone’s…
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Terhi Pääskylä-Malmström Extreme Estonia An unconventional guidebook

There is more to Estonia than the Old Town of Tallinn. Extreme Estonia – an unconventional guidebook is a must-have for everyone wanting to get to know the real Estonia outside the mainstream. Extreme Estonia takes us to places where shipping companies and travel agencies usually don’t. Avoid tourist traps and take a peek into some small…
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Justin Petrone Mission Estonia

This collection of entertaining columns captures Estonian life as experienced through the eyes of a foreigner. Inside you will find tales of mobile phones and wood-heated furnaces, jerks and drunks, Estonian blood and foreign men, homemade pickles and nuclear winters, blood sausages and jellied meats, celebrities and unzipped pants, Soviet nostalgia and Fish Fridays, prostitutes…
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Epp Petrone Anna’s Teeth

One day, Marta’s parents take her for a walk and tell her the big news: “We are going to have a new baby.” Mommy tells Marta that this baby is as small as her pinkie finger. But after Anna is born, she doesn’t stay small for long, and this is when the trouble begins. What…
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Epp Petrone Marta’s Toes

This is the world through the eyes of Marta, a little girl growing up near a big city beside the sea. It is a world of bugs that talk and bath bubbles that whisper, airplanes that wave and monster vacuum cleaners. Most of all, it is a world of questions. Estonian best selling author Epp…
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Epp Petrone Around the Heart in Eleven Years A Travel Memoir

In this frank, self-confessional travel memoir, Estonian bestselling author Epp Petrone goes looking for lost faces and memories and along the way must deal with the baggage she left behind. At twenty-four, the aspiring writer abandons her safe domestic life and high-paying career to follow an eccentric merchant around the world. On the road she…

Justin Petrone My Estonia 2 Berry Junkies, Nordic Elves and Real Estate Fever

The year was 2003, the country Estonia. Great changes were blowing across this small land perched in the fringes of the north – a vote to join a union of European nations, a blizzard of Western consumerism, a feverish demand for real estate. Bankrolled by Scandinavian moneymen, it promised to draw a sheet over the…