11. 2011

When Mushrooms Still Spoke is the second in a series of books about the relationship between a young kid and the natural world.

“My mother taught me how to open my heart to understand the stories of the trees, mosquitoes, and dogs,” writes author Epp Petrone. “What happened to us when we went to the forest to pick mushrooms, got lost, and the sun disappeared? Were we able to hear over the other voices in the forest to notice the sounds of the apple trees in our garden calling us home?”

At first glance, this poetic book is the simple tale of a mother and daughter picking mushrooms in the woods. But it is also about communication, not just between people, but between people and their environment.

With vivid, inspiring illustrations by Kamille Saabre, When Mushrooms Still Spoke weaves mystery into everyday life, giving voices to nature, voices that readers of this book are reminded they too may have once heard.





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  • ISBN 978-9985-9996-0-8