10. 2008

Mai Loog moved to Thailand 11 years ago. Together with a British boyfriend she met online, they chose this Orient’s land of smiles. Now Mai is single again, but still lives and works in Bangkok. The sensual and exotic surroundings of tropical Thailand have opened her up in a way that many childhood friends in Estonia considered bizarre at first. Why does Mai make music videos where she dances around in expensive lace lingerie or sparkling bikinis? How do Mai’s bunny ears fit with her PhD and the analysis of Thailand’s political situation she offers for the Estonian media? „I am a modern woman, I am a sex subject, and I enjoy it!” says Mai. She expands on this topic in the book.


One minute na khaa,” I said out the car window in a mix of English and Thai languages and smiled as politely as I could. A group of Korean tourists stared at me from the wide staircase leading up to the hotel. A porter wearing a livery with golden shoulder badges stepped up to my car and started to chase me off.

One minute na khaa,” I smiled at him as well and looked towards the entrance. I didn’t put the car in gear. Don’s not there, he’s just not there! He didn’t seem to be coming either, I decided after looking through the glass doors. I thought I would recognize him from his small MySpace profile picture: slightly graying hair, medium build.

Suddenly, I noticed that a dark-haired man with glasses was striding town the stairs, somewhat Arabic in appearance, wearing an expensive black suit and a black shirt, unbuttoned at the collar. He smiled at me, opened the car door and got in.

“Oh my God,” I realized, “he has confused me with some Russian call girl!”

Karin parks her red Honda Dream scooter by the walls of the old town.

The water fight is on already, Japanese flatbed trucks are cruising around full of people shooting water, and tourists are blasting all passersby with their water pistols. We are under an awning in a street cafe, having a salad, drinking wine, and drying off. On the other side of the window, two fat English girls are scarfing down huge enchiladas and potato chips. Karin unpacks her mobile phone in the sun, wrapped in seven plastic bags to protect it from water.

“The Bangkok Post recommended that mobile phones should be put in condoms,” I snicker.

“That’s sound advice, because that was nothing, the real waterworks don’t start until Monday,” promises Karin.

“Oops, it flew away!” cried out Bunny Eve, when we got out of the car in the Secret Garden. One of her white balloons sped off into the blue sky.

Two Big White Bunnies with their balloons in front, Piggy and his Canon camera in tow, we entered the cafe. The waiters smiled in greeting and gave us a wai bow, then looked at our bunny ears and balloons – and smiled even wider.

“Sanukk!” I said and smiled back. I motioned to them that we were going into the garden and the waiters nodded. The rich and famous Thai upper class didn’t even raise an eyebrow when we sauntered by, our high heels clicking and white bunny tails bouncing on the back of our jean skirts.

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  • ISBN 978-9985-9931-2-5