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06. 2010

Turku International Book Fair  presents: „Minu Ugrimugri / My Ugrimugri“ a book that reveals the soul of Finno-Ugric peoples.

„My Ugrimugri – unbelievable adventures in the Finno-Ugric World“, a book which was published in 2010, may be called even revolutionary in its own way. It was the first major insight into the Finno-Ugric soul, lifestyle, mentality and character. It also brought a new word- ‘ugrimugri’ – into  the active use in the Estonian language. Differently from the official term ‘Finno-Ugric’ , it stands for the non-scientific, more human side of the Finno-Ugric world. 

By now „My Ugrimugri“ has received around 50 media coverings, which is quite a lot for a small country like Estonia. A year after its publishing it was among the most read books in the largest library in Tallinn as well as other smaller libraries.

Until „ My Ugrimugri „ was published, the Finno-Ugric topic had moslty been dealt with in scientific researches about folklore, ethnography, philology. However, the author of the book Rein Sikk, who is also the Journalist of the Year 2010 in Estonia, has chosen a totally different approach.  He claims to have found the soul of the Finno-Ugric peoples in the genial episodes that he has encountered on his trips. The book describes his adventures from Hungary to Siberia, form Finland and the Sami regions to distant Udmurtia.

The reviews written in Estonia but also in Finland, the US and Canada stress the mellow humour and humanity of the easily readable but also educative book, which helps to understand the Finno-Ugric peoples in a better way.

Several chapters in the book reveal the Finnish and the Sami spirit, starting from the role of sauna in their lives, reindeer romanticism and love for beer and ending with the description of how the Finno – Ugric congress delegates took the Finnish Parliament by storm.

The cover of the book, depicting the socks and shoes of an Udmurt Ethno pop group Buranovskie Babushki, can even be called prophetic – last spring these grannies won the second place in the Eurovision Song Contest!

„My Ugrimugri“ is one of the books in the „My World“ series, which is presently top selling in Estonia. Rein Sikk presents the book in Turku International Book Fair on Oct 6, at 12.30 in Tiedo Hall and 14. 30 in Jurta. He is interviewed by Harri Rinne.

Rein Sikk: +372 5012487, rein.sikk@eesti.ee

Harri Rinne: rinne.kassari@gmail.com

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