12. 2009

A bulky envelope in the mailbox brings an unexpected change to our lives. Our stay in Sweden, where we had moved to avoid Tom’s possible recruitment to the Soviet Army, turns out to be quite brief. We find a new home in Canada that until now has been distant and unfamiliar, more like a country with vast white snowy fields and wild wolves, but in reality, it surprises us with its warmth and friendliness.

Canada has been sometimes referred to as invisible in the world, but this beautiful country has many exciting sides. Different nations who have found a new home in Canada keep their customs and traditions, forming a cultural mosaic with first nations and inuit. But what does it mean to be a child growing up in an immigrant family? How do my own daughters who were born in Canada feel – are they Canadians or Estonians? And what does it mean for us to move from an European monocultural Estonia to a place where people of different backgrounds live side by side just as in “Star Trek”?

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  • ISBN 978-9949-9015-8-6