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07. 2007

The book contains a selection of stories about the author’s life in New York published in her weblog and the Estonian media. There are stories about barbeques, weddings, fire escapes, tipping, September 11th, graveyards, amusement parks, weight watching, and much more.


For Mother’s Day, Justin and Marta gave me a gift certificate to the local massage parlor.

When the relaxing session was over and I was dressed and ready to leave, the masseuse came back in the room with a glass of water. She handed me the glass and asked: “How do you feel, did you like it?” – “I liked it a lot!” I praised her and drank the water.

I handed back the glass and for a few seconds it seemed like the masseuse was expecting something from me. Does she want a tip? But I came in with a gift certificate and I already left that at the reception. I didn’t even know how much was on the certificate because it just said “an hour of Swedish massage” – how can I pay 20 percent of that?

At the gate, officials are looking at us in surprise. “Did you really get here from terminal 1? The people on your flight have been booked on a flight for this evening!” one of them says in that purely British way, so you can’t understand if they’re joking or not.

They’re busy printing out the boarding passes when our group of stragglers arrives. But I still get to go through another “adventure”.

“Where is your US residency permit?” asks a fat gentleman of an officer with glasses. “We don’t have the right to let you on the plane.”

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