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05. 2012

The memoirs of Loone Ots, a cultural historian and educator, looks at the recent past, the years 1966 to1984 to be precise. The story of the advent of Soviet power and the deep stagnation that followed is told through the tale of one family.

The book is set primarily in the Soviet high-rise residential area of Mustamäe in Tallinn, the ideal home for many people in the 1960s. Through the prism of humour and satire the author describes the establishment and growth of a Soviet dormitory town as well as the shortage economy, among other things. In addition, there are clear portrayals of school life against the background of the 1980 Olympic Games and youth disturbances.

The book introduces people who by chance came to live in the huge ant colony high-rise blocks and explains what made them move there. In these accounts, we see well-known cultural figures of Soviet times. These memoirs are a valuable cultural document that deals with Soviet life in micro-historical terms. The book is illustrated with a wealth of photographs.