10,00 €

12. 2015

Furry’s Purr is the sequel to the children’s books Marta’s Toes, Anna’s Teeth, and Lena’s Laugh.

The book revolves around the family’s newest member, their striped pet cat Furry. After spending years in an animal shelter, Furry must adjust to a new life. It’s not easy. Furry is terrified of mice, gets lost, jumps in the tub, falls off the roof, meets other cats in the mirror and outside, messes up the flower bed, takes part in Marta and Anna’s science experiments, and plays with little Lena.

Lena is the only child in the family who still remembers cat language from the time when she was still an angel. Now, Lena gets to teach Furry about the human world while Furry teaches Lena all about the world of cats.

Illustrations by Piia Maiste.