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02. 2015

Mari Saat is an Estonian writer who has garnered awards for her novels as well as short stories. Her work has also been translated into many languages.

She sharply analyzes social issues in a suggestive, dreamlike manner: human fantasy and dreams, even sleepwalking are unforgettable themes. Her very sensitive understanding of the mechanisms of the human psyche is remarkable.
What did it mean to have a father who was part of the Soviet nomenklatura? What does the author remember about burning books? What was it like to have a summer home in a Soviet border zone? The author herself says, “The stories didn’t turn out the way I imagined as I naively set out to write them - it wasn’t just memories that I ended up writing about: when I wanted to write about a long leather coat, I had to add this and that about March 1953 and the death of Stalin, so the reader would understand what a long leather coat means to me… That’s how timelines, places and events became intertwined, spanning from the tsarist era to today.”