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12. 2012

“One day a woman called Betti Parklai phoned me with what she said was a serious suggestion. I had worked with Betti sometime in the 70s and 80s at the Tallinn Fashion House. Now it had occurred to Betti to write her memoirs and she wanted me as her co-author.

My work as an editor for one of the most popular fashion magazines in the Soviet Union, and particularly my fellow wayfarers from those days have remained close to my heart, and so I accepted the offer.
At that time, fashion went mainly via Moscow and circled a bit around other cities of the greater homeland, as it was known. Sometimes, with a bit of luck, poking its nose over the border and peering into other countries, it took on a few ideas from abroad that were altered in the Soviet context and acquired the stamp of our realities.

Those times offered heaps of absurdity, and when things are absurd, then joking can’t be far behind.

The people in those surreal times, especially the ones who worked in one particular fashion house, are the main characters in this book.

As a writer once said, “What an incomparable artist time is! How it rearranges everything and transforms it!” ”

Maimu Berg is an Estonian author whose works have been translated into English, French, German, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and many other languages. She worked as an editor for the Soviet fashion magazine “Siluett” in 1974–1990.