Jelena Skulskaja Marmorluik (Marble Swan: Childhood novel)

It is a uniquely built book, where three perspectives intersect in unusual ways. The author Yelena Skulskaya first discusses her post-war childhood, complicated and even painful family relations, school years, and her youth. She shows what the University of Tartu was like in the Soviet era, draws an unexpected portrait of world famous semiotics professor…

Mari Saat Matused ja laulupeod (Funerals and Song Festivals)

matused_ja _laulupeod_kaaned.indd
Mari Saat is an Estonian writer who has garnered awards for her novels as well as short stories. Her work has also been translated into many languages. She sharply analyzes social issues in a suggestive, dreamlike manner: human fantasy and dreams, even sleepwalking are unforgettable themes. Her very sensitive understanding of the mechanisms of the…
4,50 €

Ene Hion Valged varesed (White Crows)

This is the story of children caught up in the cogwheels of time at a turning point in history. World War II has broken out. Roughly one hundred Estonian orphans are evacuated to Western Siberia in Russia. The times are frightening, idealistic, deadly, and criminal, but for them it’s just childhood. I happened to meet the characters…
8,00 €

Maimu Berg Moemaja (Fashion House: Absurd Couture)

“One day a woman called Betti Parklai phoned me with what she said was a serious suggestion. I had worked with Betti sometime in the 70s and 80s at the Tallinn Fashion House. Now it had occurred to Betti to write her memoirs and she wanted me as her co-author. My work as an editor…
12,00 €

Loone Ots Mustamäe valss (Mustamäe Waltz: Life in a High-Rise Ant Colony)

The memoirs of Loone Ots, a cultural historian and educator, looks at the recent past, the years 1966 to1984 to be precise. The story of the advent of Soviet power and the deep stagnation that followed is told through the tale of one family. The book is set primarily in the Soviet high-rise residential area…
7,00 €

Andrei Hvostov Sillamäe passioon (Sillamäe Passion: Growing up in the Zone)

Andrei Hvostov spent his childhood in a secretive closed town Sillamäe in northeastern Estonia next to a Soviet nuclear industry facility. His stories deal with Estonians and Russians, with the Cold War, heroes from TV series, and with “real Estonia“, which existed beyond the environs of Sillamäe. He also writes about Second World War battles, Nazi concentration camps in…
12,50 €