Epp_2A message from the founder of the company, Epp Petrone.

I carried the idea of starting a publishing company around with me for years. The time finally seemed right in the spring of 2007, when my husband, the writer Justin Petrone and I moved to Estonia after living in New York.

To date, we have focused on Estonian writers, but at the same time on the whole world. We started the “My…” series of books where the authors describe their lives and adventures in one specific place, for example Paris, Spain, Argentina, Moldova, Thailand, Iceland, Italy, Australia, Finland, Alaska … You name it. These books have been continuously in the top ten lists and we publish one new “My…” book every month. See a full list of the series.

The very first books in the series were about my adventures in the US, named “My America 1” and “My America 2”, later on I added “My America 3” and travel stories about my life in many other exotic countries named “Around the Heart in Eleven Years, Part 1” and “Around the Heart in Eleven Years, Part 2”.

But the most successful best sellers in our company have been my husband Justin Petrone’s books about how an American manages to live in the world’s only post-communist Nordic country: “My Estonia 1”, “My Estonia 2”, “My Estonia 3”“Mission Estonia” and “Estonian Stories”. Justin has also written a novel called “Montreal Demons” and a story collection “Travel Letters”.

From the very beginning, our company has had an interest in environmental topics. My book “Growing Green” discusses the big and small issues that affect our everyday lives, and how we can change the environment with our choices. We have translated a book from English that is somewhat similar, Sandra Steingraber’s “Having Faith”.

Environmental writing can take on many forms. We have a collection of home-made-electricity stories entitled “Power from the Wind and Sun”. And we have a collection of short stories about nature written by the legendary Estonian naturalist Fred Jüssi called “Icebreaker”.

In the last few years, our new series “Tales from Behind the Iron Curtain” has launched successfully. Estonia’s Soviet experience is still controversial and politicized. Personal memoirs offer a respite from such debates by focusing on individual experiences during the time in question. Each of these memoirs is different, and yet they all provide fresh and intimate looks at the contradictions inherent in postwar and post-Soviet life. Titles include “A Tale of Frozen Child”, “Growing up in the Zone”, “A Russian Girl from Tallinn”, “Daughter of a Soviet Priest”, “Absurd Couture”, “Life in a High-Rise Ant Colony”, and “Flower Power Tripping in Soviet Asia”, “Funerals and Song Festivals”, “White Crows”, “Marble Swan”.

And last but not least, we also publish children’s books. Four books are published in the “Family Tales” series (“Marta’s Toes”, “Anna’s Teeth”“Lena’s Laugh” and “Furry’s Purr”) and more are on the way. These are short, whimsical stories from one family’s everyday life.

We also have a number of other stories for kids: the nature-themed “When Mushrooms Still Spoke”, “Cloud after Cloud”, and “I Give You a River”; the romantic “Fairy Tales about Love”; and the picture book like a guessing game “Take a Guess?”. See a full list of our books for kids.

English-language excerpts from our books are available upon request.

Please contact us at info@petroneprint.ee if you are interested in translating and/or publishing one of our books, if you need help to launch the same kind of “My…” book series in your country, or if you have a book in mind that you would like to recommend for translation and publication in Estonia.

We hope to hear from you!